The dates for the upcoming project events have been set


Project management team agreed the dates for the upcoming project events with project partners.

1. The meeting of the Thematical Working Groups (TWG) of the project will be organized on 9-11 July in Lappeenranta, Finland. The main topics will include:

  • preparing the booklet on best practices and preparing the final conference in Petrozavodsk;
  • participation of the partners in additional event - the seminar in Narva, Estonia on September, 6-8;
  • project's administrative issues.

The programme of the TWG meetings is under preparation and will be sent for review to project partners soon. 

2. The working seminar "Youth training and development of creative entrepreneurship skills" will take place in Narva, Estonia, on 6-8 September.

3. The final conference of the project will be held in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia on 20-22 September.

4. The booklet on best practices (in 2 languages: English and Russian) will be finalized and printed in July. The main idea is to collect best practices on combating youth unemployment from regions, cities, countries represented by the project partners. At least 1 article from each partner will be prepared. Drafts of the articles are to be submitted by project partners before 1 July.