Study tour to Hedmark/V?rmland was held on held 27-29 March


The study tour started with a visit to Morokulien – a six-hectare area on the border between Norway (municipality of Eidskog) and Sweden (Eda Municipality).

In 1910 the Nordic Peace Congress in Stockholm decided that a peace monument should be raised on the border between Sweden and Norway to celebrate 100 years of peace between the countries. The building of the peace monument was finished in 1914, just several days after the 1st World War broke out. The Border Info Service operating in Morokulien is divided into two; the borderline is marked on the roof and the floor. The border can be crossed without a passport.

Upon arrival to the Border Info Service participants of the study visit listened to presentations describing how problems related to youth unemployment are tackled in the border area:

  • “Grensetjensten - How to facilitate a cross border labour market for businesses and individuals” (by Kikki Lindset)
  • “Border opportunities – a project aiming at integrating Norwegian and Swedish business- and labor market“ (by Mikael Sondell)
  • “NAV (Norwegian social service)” (by Unni Dalsegg)
  • “Arbetsf?rmedlingen (Swedish job agency)” (by Christian Kling and Anna Tv?r?na)

The presentations were followed by a Q&A session, where the participants had an opportunity to further clarify some aspects of combating youth unemployment in the border area between Norway and Sweden.

At the end of Day 1 the group moved to Karlstad, where a meeting with Mr. Kenneth Johansson, Governor of V?rmland was organized. Mr. Johansson invited the participants of the study visit to the top floor of his residence and held a tour of the building, as well as described how his working day is organized. The meeting was held in an informal manner.

The second day of the study tour was dedicated to the visit to Karlstad Innovation Park at Karlstad University.