Hedmark County

Hedmark County - logo Hedmark County Council is one of Norways 19 regional authorities. Hedmark County is a sparsely populated region with 195 155 inhabitants in 22 municipalities and covers an area of 27 388 square kilometers. Hedmark County Council is the main responsible body for regional development in Hedmark County and has both a political and administrative function in the region and is also a provider of a number of public services.  The Hedmark County Council consists of 33 representatives elected by the inhabitants of Hedmark every fourth year and the County Council elect a county government, the County Executive Board, consisting of four members. The County Executive Board has the responsibility for the daily governing of the county on behalf of the County Council, and directs the County Administration.

Hedmark County Council has a wide range of responsibilities; Upper Secondary School, Culture and Adult Education, Innovation and Economic Growth, Libraries, Dental Care, Public Transport, Infrastructure and spatial planning, Cultural Heritage and International Relations. 

Hedmark strives to become and inclusive region, making full use of the skills and talents of our people and ensuring equality of opportunity, across the region and becoming a more sustainable region. 
The industry in Hedmark is diverse and consists mainly of small and medium sized enterprises. Hedmark is still one of Norway’s most important regions for agriculture and forestry and there is a high level of expertise among local experts in the fields of biotechnology and wood processing technology. Tourism has become an increasingly important industry for the region. Hedmark has the biggest ski destination in Norway, attracting alpine skiers from all Nordic countries and beyond.  It’s the private service sector that is growing fastest in Hedmark. New business in the field of finance, ICT and Culture are contributing to growth of new working places in Hedmark. 

Digital infrastructures that provide households and business easy access to broadband is a requirement for utilizing the full potential of the digitalization and development of new ICT services and products. Already in year 2000 Hedmark County Council realized that access to internet and use of ICT based tools would be important success factor for our regions competiveness. In year 2004 the regional energy company Eidisiva AS, owned by the county council, established a subsidiary that offers broad band to citizens and businesses. In 2015 a new strategy will be decided on how to facilitate and secure the access of fiber broad band to the more rural and remote areas of Hedmark. 

A new Digitalisation strategy for Hedmark County Council will be developed in 2015. The aim is to become a more effective and efficient regional authority and provide relevant services, dialogue and information to the citizens and business by using new technology.  

Contact information
Hedmark fylkeshus
Parkgata 64
Hamar, Norway
Phone: (+47) 62 54 40 0
Fax: (+47) 62 54 46 60
E-mail: postmottak@hedmark.org