Marijampole Regional Development Agency

Marijampole Regional Development Agency - map Public Institution "Marijampole regional development agency" was established to develop social, cultural, sports and economic projects in Marijampole district and on the international level. We gained experience in developing local, national and international projects (Youth initiatives, exchanges, democracy projects.) Our success is based on the reliable partnership and continuously developing the new relations. We actively run the projects that strengthens the relations between neighboring and more distant EU countries and candidates.

We work with the secondary schools and colleges, non-governmental youth organisations in order to increase the level of cultural and mental prosperity of youth in Marijampole region.

Our organization has organized or took part in lots of youth projects such as Youth in Action programme's local youth initiatives, youth exchanges and youth democracy projects. We have more that 15 years of project managing experience in Cross Border, Erasmus+ and other programmes. During recent years by acting actively and managing youth projects we found many partners in our country and abroad countries. We have strong relations with them and they rely on us and our work.

Besides the project work we try to involve young people in many other types of activities like debates, discussion with famous people. We try to make youth feel that in our town and even in whole Lithuania there are many opportunities to express themselves at any form, to find activities that would be suitable for particular will or even to make your own new activities.

  • All staff members have a relevant experience as project managers in the frame of both European and local funding. This ensures specific and strong expertise in project management, the capacity to coordinate international projects as well as a clear understanding of the overall objectives, priorities and technical aspects of the Erasmus+ programme.
  • Marijampole regional development agency involves youth leaders, youth workers and trainers who have gained relevant experience in non-formal education both at local and international level, with a focus on peace and nonviolent education for community development. This ensures a clear understanding of the non-formal education principles on which the project is based as well as the capacity to deliver high quality training/seminar.
Contact information:
Andrius Jasinskis, director
Tel. no.: 00 370 655 57087