WP5 - Management of the project - Coordination Group (CG) meetings. Working meeting of the project partners

Management of the project will be assured by the project Lead Partner (LP) and Coordination Group (CG). The CG will consist of the representative of the LP, main project partners and coordinators of TWG. At least 3 CG meetings will be organized during February, 2016 - June, 2017. The CG will be responsible for the search for additional funding for new project activities from other international donors in order to enlarge the scope and the impact of the project results. A special working meeting of the project partners will be organized in February, 2016 in Finland - to clarify the issues of coordination of the project, the administrative and financial questions for partners and participants, after resumption of the process of project implementation.

Implemented activity in 2014:

  • February 10-11, 2014. A planning meeting for the project partners was organized in Tallinn. During this meeting the detailed list of activities of the project, timetable and the management structure were approved.